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What if Sherlock and John are in a fight and they’re yelling at each other and then all the pent-up emotion finally gets to be too much and Sherlock just screams, “I’m in love with you!” and John freezes up and his face softens and he says softly, “You’re in love with me?” and Sherlock, in his tiny voice, just whispers, “A bit”

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But I’ve got a job to do, too. Where I’m going you can’t follow.
Sherlock/Casablanca parallels 2/2


Muse live at the Olympic Stadium: one gifset per song
18. Uprising

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Meet Garfi, the world’s angriest cat. The seemingly wrathful kitty, who lives with his owner Hulya Ozkok in Turkey, has a permanently furrowed brow that just naturally makes him appear like a fluffy, orange ball of rage.


Allonswin AU | The various adventures of Clara and the Doctor 
     ↳ Part 3 [ Part 1 | Part 2 ]

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as a companion piece to this by request

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There is nothing to fear,

For I am right beside you.

For all my life,

I am yours.

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But imagine an exposition shot of Sherlock’s bedroom door. We hear someone giggling. The door opens and a disheveled Sherlock comes out. We go to a side wide shot where we can see Lestrade at the door. We then go back to a midshot of Sherlock looking back at his room and saying “John, hurry up we have a case”

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Adventure Time - BMO